Hawkes "Kohinoor" Blown-Out Bowl


Condition: EF

Price: $1,850.00


Page 137 of the T.G. Hawkes & Co. catalog (an ACGA reprint) shows this exact piece.  It is labeled '1384--oval dish "Kohinoor" 12,11,10,9-in.'  This blown-out dish is the largest size noted, measuring 11 3/4-inches long, 8 1/4-inches wide and 2 5/8-inches tall; it weighs 3.5-lbs.  The 'swirling' design is blown-out on each of its eight spokes.  The blank is clear and water-white; the cutting is well-polished and the piece has a sparkling appearance.  It is signed by Hawkes and is in our extremely fine condition.