RARE Hawkes Gravic Glass Tray


Condition: BTEF

Price: $995.00


Page 69 of the Encyclopedia of American Cut & Engraved Glass, Vol.II by J. Michael Pearson shows this exact 'fishtail'-shaped tray in an unusual flower design signed "Hawkes Gravic."  This unsigned tray is 16 1/2-inches long, 9 1/2-inches wide and stands 3-inches tall at each end; the blank is thick, crystal clear and weighs 7 1/2-lbs.  We do not have a positive identification of the 'flower' but it does have a similarity with some of the water lilies in the Sinclaire catalogs.  ACGA member Marcie McCabe -- who knows her flowers very well -- suggests it is an artichoke.

Regardless, it is a very rare Hawkes gravic glass shape and design in a very large size.  The finely-detailed, flowing design is carved into the very thick blank with extremely deep cuts that are then wheel-polished to a mirror-like brilliance.  The style of cutting and polishing is commonly referred to as 'rock crystal.'  Several of the Brilliant Period cutting houses cut in the 'rock crystal' style; however, T.G. Hawkes excelled in this style of cutting.   

Another carefully selected piece of American Brilliant cut glass.  We have enjoyed having this piece in our personal collection the past several years.