Home Cut Glass Co. Bowling Pin Vase


Condition: BTEF

Price: $395.00


The Home Cut Glass Co. of Carbondale, PA cut this fine bowling pin-shaped vase in their "Manhattan Club" design; it is shown exactly on page 10 of an undated catalog (an ACGA reprint).  The catalog introduction said "Apparently it was a small company, late in the Brilliant Period, and advertised locally."  A.C. Revi does not mention the company in American Cut and Engraved Glass.

The vase stands 10-inches tall, has a maximum diameter of just over 5-inches and weighs a heavy-to-the-hand 3-lbs. 5 oz.  The cut-all-over design is very well-done and polished on a clear, water-white blank.   The top has a rounded, three-sided opening and the base has a 16-point hobstar.  An excellent example of a presumably late Brilliant Period piece that has a great shape and a lot of sparkle.  Enjoy!